About Us

Inspired by California - Born In Sheffield


California Fresh is an independent, owner operated Mexican style eatery located in the green & beautiful city of Sheffield. 

When we opened in 2012 we decided to push the boundaries of what a burrito could be. We've combined different flavours & quality ingredients to create a unique burrito experience you won't find anywhere else! 

We aim to give the people of Sheffield an unexpected, truly unique food experience, one that transforms the ‘I’ll grab a quick sandwich for lunch’ thought into a more exciting and satisfying experience. Our flavours are bolder and more satisfying than anything you will find between 2 slices of generic bread!

Great tasting fresh, healthy food is our passion. Our food is made fresh from scratch at our restaurant, from our salsas and guacamole to our black beans & all our protein options, proving that quick food doesn’t have to mean processed. 

This commitment creates the most delicious, reasonably priced burritos that will keep you coming back for more!